Full of Sap

 Full of sap

and very green.


Green as grass, as leaves

of lilies poking through

green ferns, fairy fresh

and aspen shimmering,

quaking with life,


Lupine spears

spiking the sky,

blue bonnets held high,

yet still green.

Like cedars proudly tall

minding not at all,

lower needles browning,


seeds sheltering

new life,

full of sap

and very green,

fruit bearing into old age.


And still green.

 Psalm 92:14


6 thoughts on “Full of Sap

  1. a beautiful peice
    each season has it’s beauty if we only look.
    don’t you just love the colours the Master uses in His Masterpeices every moment of every day.
    Blessings and Peace


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