Awaking to Clouds

Rock Kirke-x 

Yawning, aching, I stumble out of bed

reluctant to face the day.

Fog, gray as a mouse, lingers,

shrouding dawn’s wistful light.


Ah…now I remember; we’ve had bad news.

Dreadful possibilities.


Summoning my will I reach for the Book

and scramble through familiar passages,

longing for a word, a ray of light this dark morning.


At last a glimmer.  I read:

He will come to us like the rain;

like the spring rain, watering the earth.


And I go from dreading clouds

to longing for rain.



5 thoughts on “Awaking to Clouds

  1. Oh, Elaine. What a beautiful poem! Coincidentally I was just working on one this morning, trying to capture the last week’s experience of fear and prayer and tears for our baby grandson who’s been so ill. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

    Blessings on your day,


  2. I just re-read your poem this AM (10-8). It certainly was a precursor to what the entire country is now experiencing. For those who don’t place their full trust in His Providence (and even those of us who do, yet still lose our sight)there are dark clouds that will cause people’s heart to fail for fear. May He come like a mighty pent up flood driven on by the breath of God.


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