Cruising to the End

Our culture is like a giant cruise ship where the people are so busy partying and screaming hysterically with brittle hilarity that they don’t even know the iceberg has ripped open the hull and they are all going to perish.
I ache for what my grandchildren are going to have to endure.

2 thoughts on “Cruising to the End

  1. I was required to take a course in Greek and Roman culture as part of the humanities requirement at the University of Tulsa. And, the most striking thing I remember is that both “golden” cultures died from within. This course was the general curriculum course which was the most responsible for students departing the college. On the last day, before the professor passed out his final exam to 200+ students in the class, he told us that he knew many of us did not want to take the class and that many did not understand the importance of studying the cultures and history of Greece and Rome. He said it was important to him that we knew what he taught because many of us would be voting someday and that the more informed we were about the past, the better voters we would be in the future. Our populace is on that cruise you described and care not for the destination.


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