A Lover’s Song

A lovers song, in key of C—

celestial hymn.  I hopefully

join in refrain, but cannot know

if I’m in tune or just below.

More dissonance than harmony.


Yearning for Him, I voice my plea.

Lord, how I long to sing of Thee.

He whispers, yes, my child, I know—

            a lover’s song.


To Zephaniah, chapter three,

His Spirit led, and now I see.

It’s He who sings, so sweet and low,

healing me in His joyous flow.

He’s singing in the key of me,

a lover’s song.


One thought on “A Lover’s Song

  1. I am going to send this to my pastor’s wife in Tennessee. It goes along with something she told me within the last two years. She said she was sitting at the piano singing a song as unto God when He spoke to her and said that He was singing it to her. I love how you have written of your experience with God.


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