Enjoying God


Do you want to go to heaven when you die?

Of course you do. So do I.

Abundant life is ours, He said.

Are we to wait until we’re dead?


What about now?  What about here?

What about these people we hold dear?

What about our homes until we go?

I’m sorry, Lord, but it’s all I know.


Do we soldier on ‘til that day

We fly away to hear him say,

Friend, you made it by the skin of your teeth.

Come on up, leave your life beneath.


Your time—some locked up, sometimes free—

How much of it did you spend with me?

I gave you my word to light your way,

To guide your feet through night and day.


I provided so your heart could heal

When I told you not to hate or steal.

I want for you: peace, joy, and love,

In the here and now, not just then, above.


Your troubled world is deep inside.

You hold it in, but you can’t hide.

To sustain joy, let anger cease.

Bitter memories steal your peace,


It’s not too late! Begin right now

To pursue the One who shows you how

To walk in victory, to love and release

Your anger, your pain, and live in peace.


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