In spring
muddy footprints
trace a path
created by snow
mud where
coiled ferns peek leafy heads
greeting the morning.
At Eden’s dawning
God breathed
into thirsty soil.
Spirit spoke
and mud became man
whose footprints
spell spring.


4 thoughts on “MUD

  1. Not that your writing is anything like James Joyce’s, but I kept reading the poem over and over because the last of it led me right back to the top like Joyce’s book ULYSES which started and ended with the same sentence completing a cycle. Your poem is wonderful in its simplicity and majestic in its message. As Jo Ann wrote, you are good!


  2. This is what poet Gloria Okes Perkins said in her critique of my poem:

    This is exactly what a free verse poem should do: Work with concretes (footprints, mud, ferns, etc.) while “coiling” an intricacy of meaning into the closely meshed words, coming full circle to a closure which still resonates after the poem is ended. Congratulations on a really fine free verse poem!


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