If I Would Only Listen…

I was having one of those days. As far as I could tell, nobody thought of me. Nobody called. Nobody wrote. We have two mailboxes—one on the street in front of the house, and a post office box for prisoners and those we don’t want to have our home address.

Downtown at the post office there were address labels from an outfit that wants our money but can’t manage to spell our name right. Our home mailbox only yielded yet another reminder that we haven’t paid our AARP dues, and an advertisement from the local GM dealer—it contained a key that might open a brand new Trail Blazer and if it did, the SUV would be mine.

I’ve actually gone to the dealership and was rewarded with a $5.00 Wal*Mart card—enough to buy six Honeycrisp apples, but I wasn’t in the mood that day.

Ah, but email. Now that’s a wonderful means of communication. It’s accessible whenever I wish to read it and available within minutes after it has been sent.

So I booted up, clicked on the Outlook Express icon and up popped an ad for The Neptune Society and a coupon from the SCOOTER Store. That cheered me right up.

I was feeling sorry for myself; that’s what was going on.

A friend muttered about a problem she was having, but when I expressed an opinion, she blew me off. Evidently, I’m irrelevant. As I thought about her issue, a solution occurred to me. This idea of mine would be a considerable sacrifice to me, but it might greatly benefit her. If she had shown the slightest interest, that is.

I thought: “I could do you so much good if you would only give me a few minutes of your precious time.”

Oops. As preposterous as it sounds, I’m pretty sure I heard Father clear His throat.

Psalm 81 came to mind. God, speaking through the Psalmist, Asaph, reminds His people how he brought them out of Egypt and all He had purposed for them if they would but obey His directives—all for their good, mind you—“but my people would not listen to me…so I gave them over to their stubborn hearts.” (V 11-12)

To those who should have said “Thy will be done, and thank you very much,” God said, “Have it your way.” I think the application is obvious.

“But you would be fed with the finest of wheat; with honey from the rock I would satisfy you.” Psalm 81:16.


One thought on “If I Would Only Listen…

  1. Clearing His throat is minor. I think I give Him heartburn most of the time. I am trying to learn to listen with my ears, my spirit, and my heart. I don’t understand Christians who think that God does not speak to us. They miss so much because they do not listen. God speaks to us, and I can understand what you wrote about hearing Him clear His throat. How many times have we done that with our own children? And, I have discovered recently that the Holy Spirit pinches us and makes us say “ouch” when He wants us to realize we are being corrected. Thanks for your gentle reminder.


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