A Word to the Wise (and otherwise)

A solemn contemplation of Ecclesiastes 2:13

 A fool and his money are soon to be parted,

so goes the saying, but don’t get me started

with maxims about a word to the wise

and the fool who is wise in his own eyes…

Well, you see how this goes, there’s no end to it.

When you write poems or prose , you simply must do it.

Write using wisdom and you can’t go wrong

as it’s hard to talk foolish when writing a song

about smarts that are smarter than the usual fool

who thinks he’s so cool when he gets out of school.

Then there’s the matter of darkness and light,

and poor dumb old Adam who much prefers night

to consider his deeds—while sensual not prurient—

are best done in shadows in any event.

When your house is a mess and company’s coming

you might turn the lights low and keep the fan humming.

If your unscheduled guest is inclined to get flirty,

he might be discouraged if the house appears dirty.

But if he’s the right kind of fellow he might

appreciate reflections catching the light

from candles strategically placed here and there,

highlighting those amber glints in your hair.

Let’s just cut this out and give up the fight:

Wisdom trumps folly and dark dies in light.


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