Hymn for 2012

The assignment for July was to write a patriotic poem, any style.  I submitted new lyrics to an old, old hymn, one I remembered from my childhood in Emmanuel Reformed Church, Springfield, South Dakota.  I am very proud of having my grandmother’s hymnbook  where I found this hymn:  Savior, Again to Thy Dear Name We Pray.  Here are the words written for the Fourth of July:

 HYMN FOR 2012

 Savior, again, as I kneel down to pray,

My heart is drawn to those, who far away

Fight for our country and her liberty.

Protect our soldiers, this my earnest plea.


Skies have grown dark in this our cherished land.

Where are the Christians who with You will stand?

When storm clouds loom, our hearts begin to fail.

Remind us Lord, your power will prevail.


Lord, haste the day when wars and conflicts cease.

We long with all our hearts for lasting peace.

Until that time may we with fervent prayer

Bring close our loved ones, Your great love to share.


Help us remember, Lord, it’s You alone

Who can breathe life into cold hearts of stone.

Until that day when sin and sorrows cease,

You are our hope, our everlasting peace.


3 thoughts on “Hymn for 2012

  1. Greetings from Wordwise Hymns. Your blog caught my eye because this morning I posted an article on the hymn “Saviour, Again, to Thy Dear Name.” I like your patriotic poem using the same metre. It would work as a hymn as well, and it’s general enough that we Canadians could sing it too. 🙂


    • Wow! What a wonderful surprise! One never knows who reads these writings, and I’m delighted!

      Your blog will receive follow-up visits. I do love the old hymns. Savior, Again…was a hymn I didn’t even know resided in my memories. Rich music!


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