The assignment was “romantic couplet poem.”  I thought and I thought, and I couldn’t come up with a sweeter story than this one.  Any resemblance to persons living or dead would not be surprising.

Life and Times

of a


Time stood still then, in the beginning,

roses blooming and dragonflies spinning

Embracing each other in spring’s sunny beams–

enchanted moments, youthful dreams.

At the end of that year, I walked the aisle

and married my prince. We found our style,

joyfully living our new life as one,

joined by our daughter and son after son.

Life’s not all roses and fairy tales

There are sleepless nights and diaper pails,

and teaching teenage kids to drive

required much prayer—please keep them alive!

As time went by our sons found wives,

our daughter, her man. Their new lives

take most of their time— maybe all–

they never quite had time to call.

Years march by, yes, fifty and three.

The story grows older, and so do we.

Aching back and silver hair thinning,

he’s still my prince, as in the beginning.



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