Between the Rains

During our women’s Bible Study — we were using Beth Moore’s study on James–we discussed James 5:7-9.  Between planting and harvest, there’s the need for patience and standing firm.  The farmer needs patience between the autumn and the spring rains. We need patience between seasons of blessings, and sometimes it is hard to hold on, “between the rains.”

Lord, send the rain, when skies are gray.

Refresh our hearts so that we may

be ready when our vision clears

and hopeful as your coming nears.

We long to greet that Son-washed day.

We weary grow, too weak to pray

while heat and dust obscure the way.

With faltered faith, we yield to fears.

Lord, send the rain.

We lean in close to hear Him say

“My strength will carry you this day.”

When life is long and it appears

that all is lost, know that God hears

and washes all our grief away.

 Lord, send the rain.

                                                                         A poem in the Rondeau form


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