Night Train

Lucy RR-edit

 Night train


Moan fades in the distance

I pray morning light will bring you

back home.

A cinquain poem.  Photo by Lucy Soerens


3 thoughts on “Night Train

  1. Elaine, your poem reminds me of how my mother felt when she heard the moaning whistle of the train in the small town where I grew up. My older sister boarded the train for LaCrosse when she entered the convent there after 8th grade. She hadn’t even turned 14 yet. She came home for Christmas and didn’t return until she was a sophomore or junior in college. Then she stayed three years before leaving again, this time for good.

    We just sold our home in Oregon and are driving back to Texas in a rented expedition with a few things we didn’t want to leave behind. We sold it furnished so didn’t have to deal with selling furniture separately. Tonight we’re in Burley, Idaho and should be home by Monday.

    We should talk sometime.


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    • Yes, we should talk sometime. Thank you for commenting! Glad for you that your place sold–must be kind of sad, too, right?


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