Some Days are Diamonds…

Yesterday had pretty much been a lousy, rotten, miserable, horrible, awful, terrible no-good day.

First, somebody at Scott & White has spread my phone number around, and evidently, something about me is causing every department to desire my attendance in their department.  I think it has something to do with all the new buildings there.  They are probably going to have me evaluate each unit—sort of like a mystery shopper without the mystery.

After last Christmas, I decided I would get a jump on this year’s Christmas greetings, thereby not needing to send out address change mail.  I carefully updated the Excel spreadsheet with the most recent known addresses plus check marks indicating that we had received greetings from that individual.  Then while stores were pushing bins of $1.50 a box Christmas cards, I bought four or six such boxes.  Stored and packed said boxes and the address list in the same box.

Yesterday morning we finally finished the Christmas letter, compassionately omitting any mention of our doctor-going tendencies.

No cards.  Not anywhere. I could “see” the boxes on the shelf in my study, and yet they were not there.  I am forced to conclude that the movers swiped them, which is particularly disappointing as only church people and family were involved in the move.

I had just made that discovery when the phone rang with yet another doctor’s nurse requesting my attendance.

No time to process that, it was time to leave for the CT scan.

When we got home, the searching continued but was interrupted by another physician’s invitation.

I thought that just about made the perfectly rotten day, but wait:

Giving up, I flopped into my comfy chair, preparing to watch Tony, Gibbs, and Ducky on “NCIS.”  Are you ready? My favorite show was replaced by “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.”  In November.  I was tired of that story for as long as I can remember.

Mercifully, daughter Susan called, and with the help of Himself, talked me down.

Then I remembered:  Thanksgiving is coming and one of the kindest, most generous people in church invited us for the noon meal.  Two friends made “just visiting” dates with me for the weekend.  One sent me an email.  I quote from Be Thankful for Those Who Love You. – God  (from Godspeaks)

By neglecting simple reminders of God’s love, we complicate our lives. We forget the warmth of a hug can help a bad day, the laugh of our children brings joy to our hearts, the phone call from a long distance friend brings a smile to our face, and a conversation with God can soothe our soul.

We run through life striving for the world’s trophies, somehow forgetting the prizes God has bestowed on us along the way: a best friend, a sister or brother, an aunt or uncle, a mom or dad. A grandparent, a child, a husband, a wife.

Instead, we need to run through life looking to the road ahead and being thankful for those who run beside us. Their love is what fuels us. They are the ones who get us to the finish line.

Today, the 27th day of Thanksgiving, I thank God for those who love me-even when I don’t deserve it—Himself, our children and grandchildren, people who invite us for Thanksgiving dinner, and of course, God Himself, who loved me first and is making Himself known to me.


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