I Love

I Love

I love my room when the morning sun
slips in to announce when dark is done
and light has come, a bright, young day
of life in Him to whom I pray.

I love the smell of cinnamon tea
and my dear love who brews it for me.
I love a taste of whole wheat toast
with butter, the spread I love the most.

I love a quiet place in my den–
it draws me in to wait and then
His Presence fills and warms the space
as my heart swells to receive His grace.

I love young girls who come to me
needing help as they try to be
mothers and wives in confusing years,
opening their hearts, sharing fears.

I love the light as the sun sinks low
And bathes the earth in rosy glow.
I love the chirps and cooing hums
Of bugs and birds as nightfall comes.

I love cool sheets on my big bed,
my pillow soft to rest my head.
I love deep rest and sleep in peace–
I know my Lord gives sweet release

I love when Dear One pats my hand
As I float away to slumber land.
I love the light. I love my life.
I love being a good man’s wife.


3 thoughts on “I Love

  1. Elaine, I rarely look at my Facebook posts, but summer is here and I ventured on, and found your poem. I loved it!! Miss you! Hope you are well.


  2. I love your poetry, friend of mine. It says what I feel, oh, so fine. The way you express your heart-felt love, Brings peace and contentment, a treasure trove.

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