Pete and the Wheel

Pete and the Wheel

A mostly true and truly sad story

The challenge was to write a poem, any style, about hats or caps. I couldn’t find an actual picture of a hamster wearing a hat–that was what we call literary license, But Pete did live, and Pete did die, or as we say in Texas, “Pete passed.”

He wore a hat, the hamster did.
A feather poked up bright for sport.
His cage a screen with locked down lid,
and on the wheel he did cavort.

He’d spin and spin, the notes did fly
when he was young and played his song.
As he grew old he wondered why
The children seldom stopped for long.

Time passed on and he did too,
this hamster known as Pete.
His hat fell off and away it flew.
His life was gone, his spin complete.

I won’t forget the curious thrill
of watching the wheel spin fast.
Then one day the wheel went still
and poor old Pete had passed.


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