Memorial Prayer-2

 Of course I am proud!  My son, Sergeant First Class Robert James Andrews!

When he went to Southeast Asia that first time, words cannot describe the agony I went through wondering day by day how he was, where he was—even if he was still alive. Nowadays deployed service members can stay in touch with their families with Skype and other new technology. In those days, I waited to hear from him for weeks. One time it was six weeks between letters. When I heard of particularly dangerous places our soldiers were engaged in battles, I was terrified until I heard from him the next time.

Honestly, I was angry with him for putting Dad and me through that awful time.

He is praying now. I taught him to pray. Well, Dad and I did. You can believe we prayed for him while he was over there! I learned a lot about prayer, that’s for sure. At first, I was afraid that if I did not pray first thing in the morning, he was not covered, and that if he was killed in battle before I prayed for the day, it would be my fault. I remember Dad scolding me for that. “My dear woman,” he said, “don’t you know that there is no time with God? He knows what you are going to pray before you do. We have committed Robert to the Lord, and so the Lord is on the case, night and day. It does not matter where our boy is at any given time.”

I can hear the woman next to me crying softly. Oh, that is Marie Powell. Her son David died in Viet Nam. Oh, thank you God, that Robert came home. Please comfort Marie. Her boy made profession of faith the same day Robert did. She and I have cried together about David. Yes, she will see him again, but oh, how she misses him now, and grieves the grandchildren that will never be. I am sure that when she sees me on Robert’s arm, with him walking so straight and strong, it breaks her heart.

Oh, listen! He is talking to Father about me. He does remember the mothers and fathers who worried at home while their loved ones served in the military. Imagine that! He says there is a special reward for those who stay back and tend to things at home.

Well, would you look at that! People swarming around him, wanting to talk to him—he’s a bit of a hero here in our small town—but he is heading straight for me, a look of concern on his face.

“Is the sun too hot for you, Mama?”

He is so considerate! That’s my boy!


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