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The sun rises to start another day. 

I am starting a new day at the Sunset Manor Senior Living Center.  Why couldn’t they call it the Sunrise Living Center?  We don’t need reminders that we are nearing the end of our days on earth.  We get not too subtle reminders every other week when we see the hearse from the local funeral home parked at our back entrance. They actually use a black Suburban, so we won’t know why they are here.

As I awake in my little one bedroom apartment, I try to remember what day of the week today is.  I have to look at the daily schedule that they slide under our doors each night. 

If it is Monday that would be exercise class.  The exercise consists of sitting in chairs and bouncing a beach ball around the group.  If it is Tuesday or Thursday, it would be Bingo.  This is by far the favorite activity of the residents.  That’s how time passes in this place.

I tried staying in our home after my beloved Betty went to heaven after almost 50 years of marriage.  But keeping the house clean and having to hire people to do tasks I could no longer handle was just not worth it any more. My middle son lives a couple hours away and the other two boys live too far away to be of any help. Of course, they have their own families and they all have busy careers. They do call me almost every week. Living in that house without Betty being there was just too lonely and depressing.

The boys have been worried about my driving for some time. I have had a few too many fender benders over the past couple of years, but I know I can still drive just fine.

I decided to put the house on the market just to see if there was any interest last year. Well, I was shocked that I had an offer for more than I was asking within two weeks. My boys all said to sell, so that is what I did.

What to do next? I thought of renting a nice apartment, but I knew the driving was coming to an end, since my insurance carrier was raising my rates and the DMV was scheduling a road test. So I started looking at Senior Living places.  After much research I selected this place.  It is clean and my apartment is suitable for me.

I have friends here now. Some of the men still drive and I can get a ride to the grocery store when I need something or we go to a movie or a ballgame just to do something different.

My friend Bill picks me up every Sunday morning, so I can attend my church. At the Center they have a retired pastor and his wife come in each Sunday and sing a hymn or two and then he has a sermon and that’s it.  I look forward to Sunday all week to worship with my friends. Bill is a good friend.  He also takes me to my doctor appointments.

I would like to take a trip to the Coast so I could see the sunrise over the water again. Those were favorite trips for Betty and me.  She needed to be by the water.  My son has agreed to take me next week to the coast for a couple of days. I told him he could go fishing and anything he wants, I just want to sit in a rocking chair on the pier and watch the sun rise one more time.

I won’t tell my son until we get home that this will be my last trip. 

My Dr. told me last week that I only have weeks to live. I feel fine, but the Cancer has advanced and there is no way to stop it.  I need to see one more sunrise and sunset and then I am going to be with my Betty again for eternity.


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