Bits and pieces of an old chorus—I remember part of the melody—let’s see:  “Think about the Lord.  Think about His goodness.  Think about the…la, la, la…He’s brought you through.  For as high as the heavens above, so great is the Savior’s love to us…”


Anyway, as I was praying this Good Friday morning, I said to the Lord, “One of the many things I love about you is your consistency.  You are always good.  You are always faithful.  You are always loving and forgiving, merciful, gracious, and most of all, you are always there. Or should I say, you are always here.


Another chorus, from a Psalm “He’s my rock, He’s my fortress, in Him will I trust.”


On the other hand, think about people, even those you love.

Sister A. is so much fun—when she’s not whiny.  Brother B. is an interesting person, but he tends to be a little bit, shall we say, disingenuous in his business dealings. Brother C. is charming in his own way but his sense of humor tends toward the risqué.  We love Sister D. but her enjoyment of poor health and the detailing of it is a bit wearing sometimes. Brother E. is a wonderful Christian, but has hygiene issues. We love how Sister F. finds our conversation fascinating but then we discover her true gift is in the area of eliciting personal information and disseminating it.  Only to her most trusted confidants, you understand.


It is how it is with us of Adam’s race.  Someone else writing this could reveal how my good qualities attract, yet there are these annoying, and yes, inconsistent attributes.


Only God is always good, faithful, kind, gracious, merciful, forgiving and blessedly present.


In His plan, by rubbing shoulders with brother and sisters A through Z, we become more like Him.  We need each other.  Like a great big puzzle, we fit together and comprise the whole CHURCH.


It’s Friday, but Sunday is coming!  See you in church.


2 thoughts on “THINK ABOUT THE LORD

  1. Think about the things He’s brought us through. I cannot understand why anyone would try to live life on their own without the counsel and support of our Lord. I am so grateful someone told me of His love.


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