“Sweet hour of prayer…that calls me from a world of care…” so goes the old hymn running through my old head this morning.


The reason I say “old head” is because I’ve been at this a long time.  I never did not know Jesus is real, and I have always known my day goes better when I begin with prayer.  Yet prayer is more than running down my litany of wants and needs. I am more aware every day that prayer is a conversation with Earthmaker who is daily making Himself known to me.

This morning my cranial computer is spinning with so many disparate thoughts:

Is the restaurant I suggested for meeting with out-of-town friends the best choice?  I love the food, but the place is not set up for leisurely conversation.

And they are coming to our home later—I need to spruce up the place.

As I look forward to their visit, I think of questions I want to ask.

They were in church with us last night.

Oh, the teaching was wonderful and I need time to process it.

What a blessing to have their friendship which brings to mind all the love we received from the men and women at church…


You see, Father?  I need you for so many reasons.  Help me remember what I need to remember. Thank you for forgiveness, thank you for…I need you, oh, I need you…another hymn clicks in. Here in your presence, Lord, I am undone…there’s music on my inner CD.


Flip the script.  What do you want from me, today?


I think I hear Him say, be aware.


Last night the message was BE READY.  I believe I do live in readiness, and I want to please the Lord in my everyday life.  And so He says, be aware.


Noises in the kitchen make me aware my day is beginning.  It’s time to set about today’s duties, to do the mundane tasks of running a home—dusting, sweeping…and in everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning me. In everything give thanks, being aware He is with me, leading, guiding, protecting, and giving wisdom and insight.


Return to thy rest, o my soul, for the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.”  (Psalm 116:7)  Or to put it another way, God is so good!  (Another chorus there)







2 thoughts on “SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER

  1. Thanks for sharing your morning. God has put it deeper in my heart recently to be more keenly aware of Him throughout my day. And don’t you think that being aware is the way to be ready?

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