Welcome to my blog! I hope you’ll look around.

In the Kitchen Philosopher category I am publishing various little devotional thoughts.  Today I published BRING THEM IN.  Tell me what you think.

CRIMSON LEAVES, one of my favorite poems, is in the “Poetry” category.

Almost everything I’ve written is here.  See the top of the page for categories and click on the category you’d like to read.

The category POETRY speaks for itself.  The last few years I’ve written a lot of poetry at the encouragement of dear friend and mentor, the late Gloria Okes Perkins, often for monthly challenges issued by the Siloam Springs Writers group.  CRIMSON LEAVES, one of my favorite poems, is in the “Poetry” category.Wondering in the Rain

PHOTO STORY PROMPTS are a lot of fun to write, and these days I am also posting stories written by friends.  How it works now is, Himself, AKA The Husband,  posts a photo and we write a quick fiction inspired by the photo.  Lately three couples have been getting together, challenged to write stories based on a photo.

THE KITCHEN PHILOSOPHER is a collection of human interest columns, some published in The Dallas Morning News.

And NOVEL, well, that’s my novel RUN FOR THE HILLS.

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.
– Edwin Schlossberg

By the way, I have no control over what ads might appear here.  If something is offensive, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do to remedy that problem.


17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I read the first three chapters of your book and will return as time goes by. It is very interesting and much easier to read with the changes you have made. I really like the way you have it set up. It makes it much easier to move around. Good job!


  2. I like your new set up too; however, I had to change my view to make the novel easier to read with larger print. I am so glad I know how to do things which make life easier. I look forward to each new chapter with anticipation!


  3. I followed your link from Chrisitan Writers. Don’t have time to read at this moment, but will be back to do so. This looks very interesting!


  4. I need to start reading your novel from the beginning. It has been too long since I read it last. How do I get back to the beginning chapters. i think I actually left off around chapter 18. I really love your book and hate the thought of not being about to finish reading it.

    Regards and blessings,



  5. I know; the whole thing is really awkward. I plan on re-doing it, and maybe even starting a whole different blog. Thank you so much for your comment and your interest in my book. The only way I know is for you to click on RUN FOR THE HILLS on the Welcome screen, and then scroll down to the bottom of each chapter, click on “next chapter” until you get to where you left off.


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I was only able to read some of your posts yesterday. What a lovely and very touching blog.

    You were too kind with my kids in WM. On the way home, my little girl said, “Mom, I need to call her when I’m 16, ok?”.

    Tiramisu is on my list of recipes to try. It’s quite an involved process including ingredients probably not found in our local store. In the mean time, the Italian restaurant in town has a DELICIOUS tiramisu. Have you been there?

    Take care and stay warm!



    • Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve added a couple of lines to the welcome page as it didn’t appear to me that any visitors read posts that were not in the “recent posts” list. And thank you for kind words about it.

      Your kids are too cute and dear! On the way home I thought, “A foodie blog! How appropriate! Those kids are dumplings!”

      As my house was built with the motif “Olive Garden at the Alamo” I’m going Italian for the meal; lasagna, egglplant parmesan, garlic bread, big tossed salad Olive Garden style and for dessert, a berry cream fluff with sugar wafers. I’ve changed my email address and need to change it on the blog. It is now grateful@soerens.org

      Yes, we love Prima Pasta and the people there. Great food, great prices…what’s not to like.

      Be blessed!


  7. Thank you Elaine.. you are 100% right!!! Thank you for belssing my life !! you are always willing to listen to me and guide me and you will never know just how much that means to me!!! love you Debbie


  8. Very nice!!! I liked the way it started snowing on the page too! Here’s hoping you and Carl have a blessed and awesome Christmas!!!


  9. Elaine, I love reading your stories and feel blessed to stay in touch with you. You are such a talented and godly woman. You have a very creative and beautiful mind.


    • Thank you so much! And thanks for commenting. I believe the Lord is requiring that I write more, but I have trouble getting started. Do you have any subjects you would like for me to address? I would use my Kitchen Philosopher category for that–column-length.


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